Whale Watching FAQ

What is the itinerary for the day?

  • 09:00 Board vessel ‘Kalinda” at the Fueling Wharf (next to ‘G’ finger), Breakwater Marina, Townsville City. Drop off’s are possible at the end of Mariner’s drive, however parking is not available there. Free parking is available on The Strand, 2 minutes walk away.
  • 09:15 Departure after safety briefing.
  • 09:30 – 11:30 Informal chatting with on board Whale expert whilst taking in the scenery and looking out for wildlife.
  • 12:00-12:30 Large fresh delicious lunch served on board, with vegetarian and GF options whilst at anchor in a sheltered bay.
  • 13:00 Search out wide to the North of Magnetic Island scouring our known whale hotspots.
  • 14:30 Cruise past the rarely seen Northern Bays of Magnetic Island, past West point and through the Pallarenda channel past Middle reef.
  • 15:30 Disembark back at the Breakwater Marina.

PLEASE NOTE, this itinerary is an example of an average day, but is certainly dependent on a wide variety of factors. We are at the mercy of weather and tides and other factors including whether or not the whales want to be seen! Each days itinerary will be fully at the discretion of the skipper.

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Will my stuff get wet!?

As we are using the bigger boat with loads of internal spaces it is most unlikely you ‘stuff’ like camera’s will not get wet, however different sea states can cause spray from waves or unexpected waves may cause some water to splash on the deck. It is advised to use your own discretion as to where you place your equipment or belongings. It is suggested to be minimalist.

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Can I charter the whole boat for whale watching?

Yes! If you would like to have the boat for just your group and your personalized itinerary, you can hire the whole boat (on days that don’t already have bookings) and potentially save lots of money. Grab some family and friends and email us about whole boat charter at info@affordablechartersgroup.com.au .

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How many people can you take?

prior to July 10 (or stage 3 covid restrictions being eased) we are capping numbers at 15. After July 10 2020 (or once stage 3 is in place) we will increase the maximum number of passengers to 30. We can discuss total number for whole boat charters. Please email info@affordablechartersgroup.com.au if you are interested in whole boat charter for your group.

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Whats for lunch, and what if i’m a vego?

Our on board cook will prepare snacks and lunch for all on board. There will be vegetarian and GF options, however if you have severe food allergies it is strongly suggested to bring your own food. Lunch will be ample, nutritious and delicious served fresh. Please respect the space of others when food is served, be patient, there will be plenty.

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Do you guarantee whale sightings?

In a word, no. Whales are wild animals and go where they please. Some days we might get a fleeting glimpse of a ‘blow’ in the distance which may not be seen by all people on the boat, however other days the whales can be extremely playful treating us to breaching, fin slaps, tail slaps or in rare but thrilling occasions we may get to witness a Bull fight where several males fight (quite aggressively) for the right to mate with an in season female). We are limited by time and range and due to covid-19 restrictions and we cannot offer our original tour to the primary hotspots we had identified. we will be operating to our secondary hotspots and are confident the 2020 season will be huge with regards to whale numbers. We are also currently negotiating with drone pilots to join our expeditions to assist with the spotting of whales, reducing our searching time and increasing our interaction time. None the less, we are confident the day out on the water, the sights and experiences offered, will be more than justifiable for the cost of the tour.

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Where do we depart from in Townsville?

Breakwater Marina Townsville city. 9am sharp.

Fueling Wharf (next to ‘G’ finger) at the end of Mariners drive. Drop off’s are possible there but parking is not, FREE parking is available on The Strand 2 minutes walk from the fueling wharf.

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What is the vessel like?


Due to Covid-19 we have changed from the small fleet vessels which can provide personal and intimate experiences but unfortunately the 1 person per 4m2 rule makes them an unacceptable risk to our clients and crew. We will be using our largest fleet vessel, the MV ‘Kalinda’ to enable whale watching operations directly from Townsville in the most Covid safe environment we can provide, whilst still offering an exceptional tour experience. Much more space, 2 viewing decks, a charismatic and very comfortable vessel, indoor and outdoor areas, great crew, great food, toilets and showers, limited bar services, whale experts as crew and an excellent personable experience for all.

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